Jakarta, November 14, 2016

ASATHI gathering supported by goodrich

ASATHI / IHEA (Asosiasi Ahli Teknik Hotel Seluruh Indonesia / Indonesian Hotel Engineers Association) was established on December 7, 1997, with the aim of uniting experts profession and develop expertise in general for improving the quality and skills of technical experts in the sector of the hospitality industry either hotel, center shopping, commercial buildings, apartments and hospitals throughout Indonesia

As a professional organization of engineers in the sector of the hospitality industry and building service engineering, in order to improve the knowledge, skills and knowledge that has been owned by its members, regularly hold Regular Meeting ASATHI which is usually filled with seminars on specific topics related to engineering in the sectors hospitality industry and building service engineering. It also publishes the Journal ASATHI (the organization’s internal magazine) ASATHI bimonthly containing articles about the activities ASATHI, articles about the techniques in the hospitality industry and building service engineering, as well as some important information regarding membership.

In collaboration with ASATHI, Goodrich Global Indonesia supporting ASATHI member gathering at Hotel Atlet Century, October 29th 2016,

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