Jakarta, January 17, 2017

Goodrich Support Semarang Fashion Festival, 17 December 2016


As a appreciation for the fashion industry in the city, Goodrich Global Indonesia through its branch in Semarang support Fashion Festival 2016 in Semarang Quest Hotel Semarang, Saturday (17/12) this. The event featured a parade of famous designers of the city Lunpia. Some of designers from Semarang, Christiani Mohr, Eka Wismana, LZ from Liza Supriyadi, Muhammad Bayu Indonesia, Krajan Batik from Vera Khan, Elvina Kho, DS Fashion from Al Fath, Initial D, Jims Bridal, Kharisma Rumah Mode, Random-Random Semarang LPTB Susan Budihardjo, Vivid Lazarus, Batik Gunawan Tan Selotigo and Elkana. Semarang has a wealth of fashion industry with the potential to be developed as well as the competitiveness that is not inferior to other big cities in Indonesia. Designers from Semarang has even entered the international market. This industry is one of the creative industries that can drive the economy of the city of Semarang.

Elkana Gunawan from the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) Semarang chapter said, a number of designers from IFC also showcase their work as Ina Priyono, Ave Sanjaya and much more. In the event, it will show formal dress for younger children themed beauty Lotus Flower.

Held on Saturday, 17 December 2016, Goodrich Gallery Semarang support Semarang Fashion Festival, the event was attended by among fashion lovers and also entrepreneurs. Also held an inauguration of Kadin Semarang by the mayor of Semarang. Goodrich Gallery Semarang have the opportunity to showcase various products of wallcovering, fabric, carpet & flooring in the display booth, and distributing Gift and Voucher.