Jakarta, May 24, 2017

Kezia Karin 1:1 Exhibition


The 1 : 1 Kezia Karin collection represents a collaboration between designer Kezia Karin and furniture maker SANA Living. This very first line of bespoke furniture from SANA Living combines a mix of rich Indonesian heritage with modern influences evident in its design that evoke both nostalgia and  glimpses of the avant-garde largely attributed to the designer influenced by both her travels and tradition. 1 : 1 Kezia Karin consists of a 2 fold meaning where the furniture philosophy lies.

Purposeful furniture
Well-designed set pieces that function beyond a physical purpose to create artful, immersive experiences in the house whether subtle or direct. This living collection is evident as every piece is styled to contribute to the atmosphere of the elegant house which desires for good design.
The collection achieves its ability to individually stand on its own with each piece purposefully designed to speak up or blend into the background.

Created for use
This first season offers pragmatic pieces that serve beyond a visual sculpture bringing a level of comfort unparalleled and function unmatched. Each piece features excellent functionality and ease of use for the owner with minute details ranging from handles well placed to resilience of material for outdoor purpose that is well crrafted

From design to manufacturing done entirely and proudly in Indonesia helmed by experienced craftsmen, the line of furniture feature pieces for the indoors and outdoors that cover the contemporary gap in bespoke furniture.


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