Jakarta, January 04, 2017

Registry Timeless Collection Supported by Goodrich

People relate the feeling of home to the people they have met or to the places to which they have travelled. No matter what the medium, this feeling recalls timeless memories of comfort and ease. Picking up on such inspiration, the Registry Curated Fine Collection has chosen “Timeless Designs” as the theme for its current collection. These selections of furniture and home decor are sure to create memories that will last for eternity. The Registry Curated Fine Collection is a furniture gallery in Surabaya, East Java, that offers American designs in a showroom that takes the setting of a home. Registry regularly changes the themes for its collections using curators that include some of the nation’s most notable architects and interior designers. Recently, Registry collaborated with the architect Hidajat Endramukti on its timeless living concept, which includes iconic items of American-made furniture. “The American style itself is timeless. It is idyllic for home design, as it also feels homey and elegant,” says Seno Suhargo, the executive director of the Registry Curated Fine Collection.

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