Kezia Karin 1:1 Exhibition

Jakarta, May 24, 2017

THE COLLECTION 1 : 1 KEZIA KARIN The 1 : 1 Kezia Karin collection represents a collaboration between designer Kezia Karin and furniture maker SANA Living. This very first line of bespoke furniture from SANA Living combines a mix of rich Indonesian heritage with modern influences evident in its design that evoke both nostalgia and  glimpses of the avant-garde largely attributed to the designer influenced by both her travels and tradition. 1 : 1 Kezia Karin consists of a 2 fold meaning where the furniture philosophy lies. Purposeful furniture Well-designed set pieces that function beyond a physical purpose to create artful, immersive experiences in the house whether subtle or direct. This living collection is evident as every piece is styled to contribute to the atmosphere of the elegant house which desires for good design. The collection achieves its ability to individually stand on its own with each piece purposefully designed

Goodrich Support Semarang Fashion Festival, 17 December 2016

Jakarta, January 17, 2017

  As a appreciation for the fashion industry in the city, Goodrich Global Indonesia through its branch in Semarang support Fashion Festival 2016 in Semarang Quest Hotel Semarang, Saturday (17/12) this. The event featured a parade of famous designers of the city Lunpia. Some of designers from Semarang, Christiani Mohr, Eka Wismana, LZ from Liza Supriyadi, Muhammad Bayu Indonesia, Krajan Batik from Vera Khan, Elvina Kho, DS Fashion from Al Fath, Initial D, Jims Bridal, Kharisma Rumah Mode, Random-Random Semarang LPTB Susan Budihardjo, Vivid Lazarus, Batik Gunawan Tan Selotigo and Elkana. Semarang has a wealth of fashion industry with the potential to be developed as well as the competitiveness that is not inferior to other big cities in Indonesia. Designers from Semarang has even entered the international market. This industry is one of the creative industries that can drive the economy of the city of Semarang. Elkana Gunawan from the

Registry Timeless Collection Supported by Goodrich

Jakarta, January 04, 2017

People relate the feeling of home to the people they have met or to the places to which they have travelled. No matter what the medium, this feeling recalls timeless memories of comfort and ease. Picking up on such inspiration, the Registry Curated Fine Collection has chosen “Timeless Designs” as the theme for its current collection. These selections of furniture and home decor are sure to create memories that will last for eternity. The Registry Curated Fine Collection is a furniture gallery in Surabaya, East Java, that offers American designs in a showroom that takes the setting of a home. Registry regularly changes the themes for its collections using curators that include some of the nation’s most notable architects and interior designers. Recently, Registry collaborated with the architect Hidajat Endramukti on its timeless living concept, which includes iconic items of American-made furniture. “The American style itself is timeless. It is