Jakarta, March 31, 2017

News Release: Carpet (Tile) from Renaissance of Art Collection, Tuntex, Goodrich

Fresh Trends in Office Design

Tuntex with its decades of industry experience and green production values has produced a  brand new design collection based on the beauties of Nature and incorporated its revolution in the field of  tufting and colouring.

Built on world class manufacturing technologies and aesthetic, the Renaissance of Art collection is sophisticated in design and superior in quality.

Encompassing 10 designs, they are vibrant, unlimited in creativity and unmatched in detail. Inspiration for the designs come from Mother Nature – the aerial view of landscape, the Amazon jungle, ancient architecture with modern art, luscious fields, reflections of water, splish splash of water, historical footprints from nature and many more.

Art of Renaissance besides its creative designs is in-built with EcoFresh and Micro Shield anti-microbial properties.


What the EcoFresh properties entail

Maintain Fresh Indoor Air with Eco FRESH

Tuntex EcoFRESH is a self-renewal odor reducer that works against spillages or soiling on the carpet creating unpleasant odors by breaking down organic molecules in the air into inert material. It significantly shortens the time it takes for odors to dissipate

Reduces Odors

Effective against virtually any indoor odor: organic odors include smoke/nicotine, ammonia/urine, hydrogen sulfide, food and cooking smells, even fish and other odors.

Freshens the Air

Breaks down organic modules into inert materials: EcoFRESH tackles virtually all doors not just those that are water- based odors

Environmentally Friendly with no harmful chemicals

Salt compound – a mixture of organic and inorganic ingredients

Proprietary technology

EcoFRESH forms a complex molecular bond that is embedded in the carpet


Odors reducers are perpetually renewed by air circulation. Actual results will vary based on proper room airflow conditions

Built into carpet and last through time and multiple cleanings

Embedded during manufacturing process

Micro Shield

  • Micro Shield is a treatment that has anti-microbial character.
  • Micro Shield anti-microbial eliminates the growth of micro-organisms and has outstanding mildew resistance.
  • The treatment is built in between the top of the carpet (pile) and the thermoplastic backing and is durable through multiple shampoo cleanings.
  • The outstanding characteristics of Micro Shield makes Tuntex carpet tiles with Micro Shield the ideal choice for a wide range of carpet installations including hotels, restaurants, offices schools, healthcare and residential care facilities.