Jakarta, March 31, 2017

Product Release: Wallcovering – Visions, Widewall, Goodrich

Visions Collection  is characterized by the softly layered print texture which is universally appealing and applicable. The collection can be used as a solid but adds dimension and depth to the walls. A complete palette of fresh, clean fashion colors.

This product is intended for use in buildings that are properly designed and maintained to avoid moisture infiltration, condensation and/or accumulation at wall cavities and wall surfaces, particularly in warm, humid climates.


Weight 15 oz. PLY

Roll Size 52”-54” x 50yds

Backing Scrim

Meets or exceeds Federal Specification CCC-W-408D physical characteristics for Type I Wallcovering


  • Class “A” – ASTM E-84
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test

Environmental and Health

WideWall Visions is an environmental – green product as it has eliminated all heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium from the inks and adhesives used. The inks used are highly cleanable waterbased inks. WideWall Visions meets California Section 01350 for Indoor Air Quality Standard.


Since slight variations in color may occur between different production batches, it is important than in one single area, rolls from the same production batch are used.


  • A mildew inhibiting additive has been added to help protect against fungal and other microbiological growth.
  • WideWall Visions is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for five years.