In a collection of graphical materials, the VISA collection illustrates the world of design and optical illusion, perforated, corrugated sheets or grilles with rubber flooring. VISA takes on the “spirit” of the CHRONOS collection with its 3D meshes and innovative materials

VERSUS, plain weft.
FLIRT, enigmatic and sensual mesh.
EMBLÈME, giant signs on a woven background.
FAST, a full speed chromatic burst under a beam of light.
CHROME, science fiction under control.
CIRCLE LINE a contrast between a lacquered, multi-coloured, striped geometric route and an intensely matt sheet.
ARTY monochrome painting, extremely realistic.
LOFT, a giant folded sheet, thrown into perspective behind a fine grille.

Origin France
Dimension per Unit 70cm x 10m
Backing Vinyl Non Woven Back
Availability Indent